The latest from our Youtube Channel

Raillery is quite active and we have big plans for it. We’ve focused on Youtube for now, so be sure to check it out. Here are some of our latest videos:

Raillery Podcast (Co-Op Chaos): GTFO Beta playtest

It's just another day hunting artifacts and evading alien horrors in tombs located underneath intergalactic prisons! Join us as we explore the depths with our friends from the Role Play Exchange as we play through the Alpha of GTFO Beta!

Killing Floor 2: Scrake Only Waves on a high population server

More players equals more scrakes and more fun.

Killing Floor 2: Kill the Boss, Drink His Blood!

Killing Floor 2 is quite playable now so I've been shooting some zeds. I have to admit the game is very different when the server sets player limit to 30.

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