The latest from our Youtube Channel

Raillery is quite active and we have big plans for it. We’ve focused on Youtube for now, so be sure to check it out. Here are some of our latest videos:

Payday 2: Fun with friends on the new skills beta

Aaron and I try out the new skills beta. You can now joker 2 cops and carry up to 6 sentry turrets with the right skills. Why click on cops when you can get others to do it for you?


I joined in on a game using a work in progress mod called Hardcore. It's a variant of the Deathwish + mod. I was using a Crit flamethrower build. I burned a lot of cops to death.

Payday 2 is real serious business

Overdrill attempt with random pubbies. One player cared a little too much about it.

Dead Space 3: Cop Adventure Time – Parts 1-17

Caleb and I are exploring the wonders of space…dead space, that is. Dead Space 3, to be exact. This links to a playlist of all the videos we have so far. As of this post, we have 17 parts. Note that I missed the first 2 hours of the game because of a recording technical error. Anyway, enjoy!